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In its 30th edition, the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona will have three amazing runners who will demonstrate their desire to overcome difficulties. It is their first participation in the Barcelona half-marathon and they are really excited about it.
Breast cancer is the result of the growth of cells in the breast until a metastasis is formed. It is a big blow to people affected by it and their families, but it also helps them to grow in other respects.

Martine, Diana and Diane, our heroines
Martine (32 years of age), Diana (40) and Diane (62) have beaten breast cancer. They went through one of the most difficult phases of their lives but have also discovered a world they did not know before.
“My aim is to finish the race, not thinking of clocking a particular time, just to complete it without stopping because I can and I have the opportunity to do it”, says Martine, who sees running as a way of escaping, feeling alive and the sensation of having control over part of one’s life.
It is her first time in Barcelona and she hopes the support from the public will be “as vibrant as the city itself”. Her husband will be with her in the race; he ran 5 kilometres every day she received treatment for breast cancer.
Martine thinks that doing sport helps the chemotherapy to work more efficiently, even if only at a low level. “Exercise reduces the risk of suffering cancer, so why not go running in such a beautiful city for a couple of hours?”

Diana: “Barcelona has saved my life”
Diana has lived with a stage 4 cancer for 10 years, with a very short life expectancy according to her doctors. She thinks attaching importance to the small things in life is essential; as she says, they are the most important. This is what she is looking for in life.
“I feel happy, very lucky, excited, invincible and free. It is a great satisfaction when you see the reward after so much effort”. Diana says that her year started from scratch after very invasive surgery, although she has been constant, not rushing things. Before returning to Madrid she was a member of the Opal Team Woman Reus, a group of women who trained for the Carrera de la Dona in Reus.
She decided to take part in the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona because she loves the city and, as she says, “it has saved my life”. She considers it the best way to celebrate the fact that she will stop her medication before the race. Her aim? To finish and enjoy it. The cancer will be with her all her life, but she has decided to fight the small battles along the way. “In my own experience, when you want something strongly enough, and with enthusiasm, constancy and hard work, the sky’s the limit!” Diana shows that anything is possible, you have to try, and even if you don’t succeed it should not be considered a failure. She is sure that “it will be a fantastic race and a pleasure to take part in it”.

Diane walked 1,600 kilometres to celebrate her 60th birthday
“I consider myself very lucky. When I finished the treatment I decided to do things that would allow me to enjoy life”, says Diane, who learned she had cancer after a routine breast scan.
Her example goes well beyond just beating cancer; she decided to do something for other people in the same situation. She took up sport more seriously while raising funds for the cause. She tells us that she walked 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometres) in 2017 to celebrate her 60th birthday and raised £1,500 (€1,735), which she donated to cancer research in the UK. In April 2019 she took part in the London Marathon, and on that occasion raised £7,000 (€8,099) for the Teenage Cancer Trust in the UK.
Diane will come to Barcelona ready to break the mould. At 62, she is really keen to know how she will perform, but is worried that she might not be able to give it her all. She tells us that her husband gifted her the trip to her favourite city, and she will celebrate her own personal victory with her morale sky-high. “Anything’s possible! Happiness is out there waiting for you. Continue to believe and never say no to an opportunity”. That is the message Diane sends to people who are not sure if they can take on the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona.
They are, as we said at the start, amazing fighters who have beaten cancer and continue to overcome challenges every day. The eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona will take place on February 16th 2020, and they will be there.