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The eDreams Mitja de Barcelona wants more records

In only one month will take place the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona, a race in which in 2014 the Kenyan athlete achieved the Women World Record in a half marathon distance, and this year promises to be even better.
The 2015 edition of the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona promises to be an historical edition. The quality of an athletic race is defined by the quality of the “top” athletes that participate in it, and the records that have been achieved in it. In this sense the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona  has all the ingredients to become in a world referent. On the last edition the Kenyan athlete Florence Kiplagat set a new Women World Record stopping the timer in 1:05:12. This year, Kiplagat will return to Barcelona with the intention to beat her own record.
Even more, in men category, we will have in the race 4 runners that have succeeded to run the half marathon distance in less than an hour. His objective will be to repeat this time and make the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona even more amazing.