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14 de November de 2023

The eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks, the second fastest and most attended half-marathon in Spain this 2023

The 2023 half-marathon season in Spain is over. The four most important 21.097 kilometre’s road races in Spain (belonging to the Plátano de Canarias Circuit and being the only race not integrated in a marathon, excluding the Behobia SS because it is 20K) are nowadays the Seville half-marathon, the Valencia half-marathon, the Malaga half-marathon and the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks.

The Seville half-marathon is the first one that always opens the calendar, which this year was held on 29th of January, followed by the Barcelona half-marathon, which reached its 33rd edition on 19th of February. Lastly, the Valencia (22th of October) and Málaga (29th of October) races were held last October.

Having already held the four most important half-marathons in the country this year 2023 and with the data of the rankings, it can be concluded that the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks has been the second fastest half-marathon (although in the women’s category it was the fastest) and the most popular in Spain this year, only behind the Valencia half-marathon. The third place is shared by the Malaga half-marathon in terms of best times (speed) and the Seville half-marathon in terms of number of male and female runners.

Below is a breakdown of the 2023 data for the five half-marathons mentioned above, in order from highest to lowest:

Registration numbers

  1. 22.000 –Half-marathon of Valencia
  2. 21.477 – eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks
  3. 12.500 – Half-marathon of Sevilla
  4. 5.000 – Half-marathon of Málaga

Man winners’ times

  1. Kibiwot Kandie (57:40) – Half-marathon of Valencia
  2. Charles Kipkkuurui Langat (58:53) – eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks
  3. Geofry Toroitich Kipchumba (59:13) – Half-marathon of Málaga
  4. Amdework Walelegn (01:00:28) – Half-marathon of Sevilla

Women winners’ times

  1. Irine Jepchumba Kinais (01:04:37) – eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks
  2. Margaret Chelimo (01:04:46) – Half-marathon of Valencia
  3. Caroline Nyaguthii Nyoge (01:07:34) – Half-marathon of Málaga
  4. Betsy Saina (01:08:24) – Half-marathon of Sevilla

Top 100

  1. 01:08:53 – Half-marathon of Valencia
  2. 01:09:12 – eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks
  3. 01:11:02 – Half-marathon of Sevilla
  4. 01:19:00 – Half-marathon of Málaga

Top 1.000

  1. 01:20:22 – Half-marathon of Valencia
  2. 01:22:40 – eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona by Brooks
  3. 01:25:00 – Half-marathon of Sevilla
  4. 01:41:19 – Half-marathon of Málaga

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