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How to restart training after holidays

If you have completely stopped training during your holidays, it is important to restart working out gradually to avoid injuries.

Holidays set one of the most eagerly awaited periods of the year. Relaxation, naps, eating, little training… A well-deserved rest that also affects our brain, which has had little psychological load, taking away the stress that we often suffer throughout the year.

Without having trained and without stress, it is time to take on new challenges. We must get back to work out slowly, continuously and safely if we don’t want to get injured earlier than expected. In this way, it is very important not to rush and overstrain, which can lead to fatigue, drowsiness, tiredness and even some injury or minor pain.

That’s why we advise you to take it easy by doing shorter, lower intensity workouts. As you get in shape, you will see that your body will ask you to increase the duration and intensity of your sessions. Don’t forget to warm up and, above all, stretch well: your muscles will recover their elasticity and you will avoid injuries.

Strength training: although strength exercises should be done throughout all the season, when we come back from a break they become even more important. By regaining muscle tone, we will improve our endurance and our running performance.

It is also important to take care of our diet. On holidays it is normal to lose routines. Without regrets, now is the time to take care of yourself again and plan a well-balanced diet. The first few days will be difficult, but you will soon notice the benefits in your training.

Finally, we advise you to take up other sports. Cross-training helps us in both physically and psychologically for the return to routine.

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