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29 de July de 2022

Don’t let the heat be an excuse to hang up your shoes in summer

Although there are still many months to go before the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona, we are aware that preparing for a test like this in the summer is very difficult. It is for this reason that we will give you some tips for training in the heat and make your training sessions in the coming weeks more bearable.

Everybody’s body gets used to the heat progressively. In this way, if you have gone out this spring with sunshine, the body will have begun to get used to it and now it will be easier for us to adapt to high temperatures. Likewise, you should avoid the hottest hours of the day (noon would be the worst option), while the first hours of the morning or at night are the most recommended. Shady places, such as forests if we are close to them or parks with spaces protected from the sun, will be magnificent options to avoid direct contact with the sun.

Before going out it is important to hydrate well, and drinking water throughout the day when we do not train is essential. Our body must be perfectly hydrated to face the effort, prior to our going out. Likewise, throughout the training it is also essential to hydrate and, above all, do it before you feel thirsty. Likewise, if we do long training sessions or races, our body will lose minerals as well as lose water. In this way, we will have to compensate for the electrolyte losses, in order to conserve all of its stock, by drinking an isotonic carbohydrate drink (at 50 g/l of carbohydrates).

The clothes we will wear is also a determining factor. We must choose vaporous, breathable and wide clothing, which will facilitate a good evaporation of heat and that our body expels sweat properly. Wearing a hat will allow us to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays and favor the evaporation of body heat through the head (perspiration). Similarly, the use of sunscreen on the most exposed parts of the body such as arms, legs, face, etc. will prevent burning the skin.

It is also essential to mark a scheduled training, which is shorter than those we do in winter. With the heat, the muscles warm up more quickly, so it is essential not to do long stretches, and listen to our body to know what sensations we are having.

There is no one who knows our body better than ourselves, so don’t overestimate yourself and listen to your body. Heat and humidity are the first factors that cause an increase in body temperature . The main symptoms will be disorientation, excessive tiredness, headache, nausea… At the slightest symptom of heat stroke, the effort must be stopped. There are many days to train!

Finally, and after finishing the training, it is recommended to take a shower, but not immediately. We must let the body temperature drop progressively and then it will be the right time to do it.

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