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Organisers will ask for complete Covid-19 vaccination schedule or a negative PCR test for Covid-19 to all runners taking part in eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona event.

Barcelona City Council and the Barcelona-based organizing company RPM Sports continue to work so that the eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona can be carried out with all health guarantees.

To achieve this, new protocols have been enforced aimed at providing maximum safety to all runners, volunteers, assistants and organization members.

For safety reasons, all runners -with no exceptions- will have to hold proof of a complete vaccination schedule or a Covid-19 PCR test showing a negative result and valid for 72 hours. This will be mandatory in order to be given access to the premises where race bibs, event official T-shirt and runner’s bag are delivered to all participant runners. In addition, a “Covid-free” bracelet will be given to runners so that they can reach and get into the starting corrals on the day of the race.

The same requirements (vaccination and/or negative PCR test) will apply to all runners’ companions and all event volunteers, suppliers and staff members.

Wearing a face mask covering nose and mouth will be mandatory for runners at all times on raceday, being the only exception the lapse when the participant starts to run until he or she crosses the finish line. At this very moment and on, wearing the face mask will be mandatory once again. Should the runner withdraw from the race before reaching the finish line, the runner must put the face mask back on. This means that all runners must have their masks close at hand at all times when running.

All rules, regulations and restrictions -imposed by all relevant authorities- which may be applicable on raceday procedures will be strictly observed and followed.