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“I want to be that woman too!”


In November 2019, Carmen Beruda (age 31) was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and she was running the Barcelona half marathon during her chemo treatment.

Carmen has always been very athletic. A couple weeks after receiving her diagnosis, the only thing she kept repeatingly asking her doctors was “can I continue doing sports?”. As one doctor answered “I remember one woman who even ran a half marathon during her therapy” her eyes sparked, and it was decided: she wanted to be that woman too, and she immediately registered for the Barcelona half marathon.

Four month ago, Carmen never really thought about cancer. She is young, happy, feeling fit, eating very healthy and moving a lot – but breast cancer cases are growing all around the world. With over 2 million new cases in 2018 it is the most commonly occurring cancer in women and the second most common cancer overall.

With running, Carmen wanted to raise awareness for cancer prevention: “educate yourself, learn what cancer is, how it evolves and what you can do everyday to produce a cancer unfriendly environment - inside and outside your body and mind (e.g. on”.

With running, Carmen also wanted to raise awareness for a life with cancer: “Of course cancer has changed my entire life – but cancer doesn’t keep me from living! I love my life! When I cry, it´s because I feel so touched by all the love I receive from so many people. And it´s this love and support that makes me strong and love life even more”.

“After Carmens´diagnosis we realized that people have a certain picture in their heads of what a cancer patient can and especially can´t do. We ourselves had that picture in our heads and I think this is what scared us the most.“ her best friend and fellow runner told us. “To Carmen, the Barcelona half marathon meant more than running and pushing her body to its limits. It meant breaking free from these pictures and doing what everyone thought can´t be done! To me, Carmen is living proof that willpower can take you anywhere and I felt deeply honored to run right next to her every step of the way.”

You are that woman now, Carmen! And so much more!

The entire city of Barcelona and all your family and friends are very proud of you!

Never give up!