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Thanks to Suunto and the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona, you can try out the new SUUNTO 9 in the race on 16 February.

The only thing you have to do now is register on the next page. The first 30 entries will be able to try out the Suunto 9 in this edition of the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona. Good luck to you all!

The Suunto 9 is compatible with the new Suunto app, which keeps a record of your training, daily activity and sleep patterns. It also lets you share your training record and interact with other people in the Suunto app community.

Three pre-defined battery modes (Performance, Resistance and Ultra) give you from 25 to 120 hours’ recording time with GPS monitoring. You can also create personalized battery modes that adapt to you needs. When you start a recording, you will receive a calculation of the battery life left in the mode you are in. If it is not enough, you can change to another mode at any time.

As well as the battery modes, Suunto 9 uses smart reminders to help you ensure that you have sufficient battery life for your next adventure. Some reminders are of a preventive nature and are based, for example, on your activity record to ensure that your battery is fully loaded for the next start. If the watch detects a low battery level during an exercise, it automatically suggests that you change to a different battery mode.

The Suunto 9 has been designed and manufactured to satisfy the demands of professional athletes. Suunto’s in-house test team and athletes from all over the world have tested it to the limit in thousands of hours of real use in the harshest conditions. The Suunto 9 is your trustworthy travelling companion to accompany you to the end of any adventure.

More information here.

Now you have the chance to try one out. Register with the link below. Best of luck!