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Ricard Fernández, Tech Rep of Saucony Spain, would like to share some tips with you so that you can take on the final training sessions for the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona in the best possible condition.

 Take good note of his 10 tips:


  1. After Christmas

Get back into your routine and good eating habits. We know that some of us might have skipped the odd training session and overindulged a bit on Christmas goodies!


  1. Training with someone else

Always try and train with someone. That commitment will make you get out and train, and it will also help your friend(s) to stay motivated to train.


  1. Set yourself intermediate targets

To free ourselves of the pressure to achieve a difficult target, it is always a good idea to set smaller targets that you can achieve during your preparation.


  1. Make sure you rest

Rest periods are an essential part of training programmes, they are necessary to assimilate the workload.


  1. Practice taking refreshments

If you are going to hydrate during the race with a gel or an energy drink, practice this in your training sessions to get your body used to it and to learn about the effects. You should not be trying out new things on race day.


  1. Good footwear

It is essential to use good footwear that is adapted to our characteristics, both during training sessions and on race day.


  1. Ease off in the last week

In the few days before the race you should not tire yourself too much. You’ve done the training, now you just have to maintain muscle tone with gentle runs and arrive at the start full of energy.

      8. Breakfast on race day

Race day should be a day like any other, don’t eat anything new for breakfast that you haven’t tried before.

      9. Competition wear

Race clothing should be fresh and breathable. Don’t put too many layers on even if it is cold, your body temperature will start to rise as soon as you start running.


     10.Above all, enjoy your running! See you on 16 February!