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5 Polish women from the same team in the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona


Five young ladies from the small, picturesque Polish town of Szamotuly (only 19,000 inhabitants) will be in Barcelona to run the city’s half marathon. They are Asia, Ania, Ewa, Renia and Anna.

They are all members of the KB Szamotuly running team. “It was set up 5 years ago, and every month we have new people who want to run with us and be part of the club”, says Anna, who acts as spokesperson for her friends. The team currently has around 30 members between men and women. They train together once a week, apart from sessions they do individually with their own running plans. Overall, each one trains 5 times per week. As happens in any athletics group, each has their own targets and distances: marathons, half marathons, 10 kilometres…

“We run in Poland mostly, but we are interested in getting to know other people and cultures. That’s why we would like to go abroad. We want to make it clear that we are not just a running team, we are a family! Real friends. We are always there when someone needs us”, Anna explains.

Why did they decide to sign up for the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona? “One afternoon we were sitting around and decided we should do something a bit crazy and spontaneous, the biggest thing we would ever do as a team. We read about different half marathons in different countries and we decided on Barcelona.

They will make the most of their trip to Barcelona. They will be there for four days because they want to get to know the city well, and of course, they are very clear about their race strategy. “Each one will run at their pace, but we will always be encouraging each other. At the end of the race we will wait for the last of the group so that we all finish together. We want to show that that person is the most important for us, after everyone has given it their all”. A nice choral philosophy!