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  • Nestlé has become the official partner of two of the most important races in Europe through its subsidiaries Nestlé Health Science and Nestlé Waters.


  • Viladrau, the official water of both races, will provide the runners with more than half a million bottles.


  • The runners will also be able to discover the benefits of Meritene Mobilis, a food supplement that assists joints, muscles and bones.


For another year, the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona and the Zurich Marató Barcelona can count on the support of Nestlé through its companies Nestlé Waters y Nestlé Health Science, with the aim of improving the participants’ quality of life and contributing to a healthier future.

Competitors in the event will be able to hydrate at the refreshment points thanks to more than half a million bottles of water supplied by Viladrau during the races that will be held on 10 February (half-marathon) and 10 March (marathon). “Water is essential for hydrating long-distance runners’ bodies, as it provides vital nutrients and helps to offset the loss of minerals during the race. Thanks to the contract signed, Viladrau will help participants to stay hydrated during these two competitions, which have thousands of runners”, says Philippe de Maillardoz, Nestlé Waters Director in Spain.

Entrants in the two races will also have an opportunity to get to know the benefits of Meritene Mobilis, the food supplement developed by Nestlé Health Science that works on joints, muscles and bones. “With Meritene Mobilis, the athletes will have the nutrients needed to make their muscles, bones and joints function on a daily basis. Its unique triple-action formula helps joint flexibility through the input of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and collagen. It also works on the muscles, as it contains high-quality proteins, iron and magnesium, and it also strengthens the bones through the action of calcium and vitamin D”, explains Walter Molhoek, Nestlé Health Science Director in Spain.

RPM-MKTG CEO Juan Porcar highlights that “In RPM-MKTG we work hard so that our events have the highest possible levels of quality in all aspects. To this end, we signed an agreement with AGUAS de VILADRAU and MERITENE MOBILIS to provide a service to the 40,000 runners that will take part in the Zurich Marató Barcelona and the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona. We are grateful to Nestlé Health Science and Nestlé Waters España for the trust they have placed in our events”.