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The world's largest cruise port operator, with an important presence in the Mediterranean, Asia-Pacific, Caribbean and Adriatic, decides to trust and support the eDreams Mitja Marató of Barcelona.

The eDreams Mitja Marató of Barcelona, which will take place on the 10th February of 2019, has found a new partner to carry on ‘globalising’ and expanding its brand worldwide. We are talking about Global Ports Holding, is the leading cruise port operator in the world, which from now on, has decided to support the race.
Global Ports Holding, the operator of Barcelona Cruise Port-Creuers Terminals, organizes Global Runs every year with the hope of bringing the world one step closer to peace and understanding. People from many different countries and cultures join the event, at a different Global port city each year.

Global Ports Holding was the name and main sponsor of the Gobal Ports Marabana race, which took place on the 18th November, which brought together participants from around the world to run in support of cultural tolerance and enjoy Havana’s beauty, promoted by RPM-MKTG. The world's largest cruise port operator has supported running events in its port locations around the world such as Ravenna, Bodrum, Valletta, Bar/Kotor and, as previously mentioned, Havana, amongst others.

The integration of Global Ports as sponsor will result in a great push towards internalization and globalization of the eDreams Mitja Marató of Barcelona, where one out of three runners is from abroad. Moreover, it will also improve qualitatively thanks to the different clients of Global Ports.
Global Ports Holding (GPH) is the world's largest cruise port operator working and with presence in the regions of the Mediterranean, Asia, Caribbean and Adriatic, as well as important commercial deals with Turkey and Montenegro.

As an independent operator of cruise ports, the group has a privileged position. It is the world's largest and main cruise port operator. GPH operates in 15 cruise ports of 9 different countries: Antalya, Bar, Barcelona, Bodrum, Cagliari, Catania, Kusadasi, Havana, Lisbon, Málaga, Ravenna, Singapore, Valletta, Venice and Zadar. GPH provides its services to more than 7.3 million travellers, reaching about 24% of the Mediterranean market. For further information, please visit

“We are delighted that GPH’s next Global Run event will be the 2019 Barcelona Half Marathon. We welcome millions of cruise passengers to Barcelona every year and this event will be an opportunity to showcase this wonderful city. Our Global Run initiative is an ongoing commitment, as the world’s largest cruise port operator, to promote cross-cultural understanding in the locations in which we operate, and we are proud to continue to support this initiative”, said Emre Sayin, Global Ports Holding CEO. Juan Porcar (RPM-MKTG) welcomes. “This is a great satisfaction to have a company of such international dimension as Global Ports Holding. This company is the referent in the world of terminus of cruises and as we have known them, we have realized their enormous level of professionalism in all the aspects, even in the related with the sponsoring of sports events. For all this, we are proud to have them as one of the big sponsors of the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona where we will share the great annual party of Global Run of GPH. Welcome!”.

In Barcelona, Global Ports Holding operates the Barcelona Cruise Port-Creuers Terminals, a company which will welcome more than 2 million cruise passengers in 2018 and which is recognized as the leading cruise port in Europe and a reference in the cruise industry for its high operational and security standards.