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“The eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona is the best half marathon I ever ran”

For the Swedish runner Charlotte Karlsson, the eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona is a mandatory step in her calendar. After finishing in third place in 2015, and the Beijing world athletics championships in 2015 Karlsson is ready for this year eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona.

- At the doors of 2018 eDreams Mitja Marató, how many times have you run this race so far?

It will be my fourth Mitja Marató this year. My first Mitja Marató was in 2014 and then I ran the next two years. Last year, the race coincided with a trip.

- Is this a fixed race on your calendar? Why?

Yes, it seems to be so. It was not the thought from the beginning. The first year, 2014, I was looking for a race in Europe in February because I wanted to start the race season early. I hadn’t heard of Barcelona Half marathon but I love Barcelona as a city and thought it certainly was a fun race. My first experience was beyond expectations and therefore I would like to come back.  

- What do you like the most about this race?

The time of the year is good. I’m living in cold and dark Sweden, which makes me really appreciate coming to Barcelona and meet the early spring.
The course is the best half marathon I ever ran. It’s flat and not so many turns.
The atmosphere is great.
The whole arrangement is good inclusive the benefits as elite.

- How do you like the Barcelonan course? What is your favourite part?

I rarely remember individual parts from a race. But I like running on wide streets and long straight stretches, just like in Barcelona. I know it’s very beautiful when you come down to the water towards the end of the race, but I find it hard to appreciate it because of that I’m so tired.

- What is different in this race against other European half marathons?

The race feels a bit more personal. The eDreams  Mitja Marató de Barcelona attracts the world elite which is cool.

- What is your goal for the next February 11?

 To run as fast as I can and enjoy a lovely weekend in Barcelona.