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The famous American brand of sportswear starts now a new sponsorship with the eDreams Mitja BCN. So, Saucony is becoming the new technical sponsor for the race which takes place on 11th of February of 2018.  The race had more than 17.700 runners in the last edition.

The arrangement is becoming real this morning in the Deerfoot Sport offices, which is the supplier of the brand in Spain. Thanks to the signature of César Fernández, CEO of Deerfoot Sport, and Juan Porcar, CEO of RPM-MKTG, organizers of the race, the brand will be connected to the eDreams Mitja BCN during the following 3 years.
The brand was born in Kutztown, Pensilvania (United States) in the steep river bank Saucony, where the brand took the name a century ago. Very soon, Saucony became very popular thanks to its sportswear and the different events it’s been involved. To be in the TOP 10 of the sneakers’ list of the prestigious magazine  Runner’s World in 1979 or the victory of Rod Dixon, in 1983, in the New York Marathon with the mythic Jazz originals sneakers,  are enough examples of the amazing history of the brand. 
Moreover, the American brand is made by and for the runners. Recently the brand has launched a new communication campaign around the world with the claim #RunYourWolrd, to encourage the runners from all over to discover their world. Next edition of the eDreams Mija BCN will be, definitely, the way to see it.
Nowadays Saucony works to offer the runners the best tech adapted to their needs. They are focused in making the best sneakers and running wear of the world. Their designs are also one of their priorities inspiring to stimulate the innovation and the technology to the limit.
With this agreement, the eDreams Mitja BCN and Saucony begins an entrepreneurial path with the aim of growing and giving high quality to the race.

The global reach that has the American brand will give a boost to the Catalan race, where in the past edition reached 38% of foreigner participation. But also, thanks to the international promotion in important marathons, such as Chicago or New York, it will help even more to the race to get attention between the foreign public.
In February 2017, the eDreams Mitja BCN beat few records: record of participation, with more than 17.700 participants; record of foreign participation, with 38%; and record of female participation, with the 31% of women runners. 
The CEO of Deerfoor Sports, César Fernández, said: “It’s a pleasure to become part of this amazing race. It’s the best way to launch our campaign #RunYourWorld, which wants to encourage the runners to discover the world. Thanks to the team RPM-MKTG we will get this race bigger and successful”.
Juan Porcar, CEO of RPM-MKTG said “We want to welcome Saucony to the eDreams Mitja BCN. The American brand will give a high quality to the event, which it’s been becoming very popular for the participation and for the World Record of Florence Kiplagat”.