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The "Gang Gyok" arrives to Barcelona


"Run for the future of the world." This is the motto under which on Saturday June 27th thousands of people around the world will gather in different cities to practice the technique of Gyok Gang.

The Gang Gyok is a technique that can be used for walking and running. It simply involves a series of exercises of body placement, leave blank mind and start running. The promised results are spectacular: increase your energy and vitality, improves physical and mental health, increase your speed...

From the Indian city of Dharamsala, Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche will lead the demonstration of this technique along with more than 500 runners who will be with him.
If you also want to experience firsthand this new technique, come on Saturday June 27th at 09:00h at the Parc de la Ciutadella, in Barcelona to join Lama Rinpoche in a brief training session will not last more than 10 minutes, and it will serve as a brief introduction to the technique of Gang Gyok

The future does not decide for us, we decide the future!

Do not hesitate and encourage to participate!