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To finish the year running

Among the dozen of races celebrated the last day of the year in Spain, we have to talk about those of Madrid and Barcelona, two of the most emblematic ones. On December 31, 2010 the popular race San Silvestre Vallecana had a record of 35.000 runners, while in its international race, the oldest one in Spain with 46 editions, the winners were the Eritrean Zersenay Tadese (28'27") and the Portuguese Jessica Augusto (31'59") followed by the Spanish with Moroccan origin Ayad Lamdassem (28'36"), who chose a wrong way when he was first and Nuria Fernández from Madrid (31'54"). In la Cursa dels Nassos in Barcelona with 9.500 participants, the winner was Ilias Fifa (29'39") two seconds ahead the Catalan Rubén Palomeque (29'41") and the Portuguese Monica Rosa (33'16"), who surpassed her compatriot Filomena Costa (33'30").