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There will be controls of bib number

- The organization of the Mitja Marató de Barcelona will not allow running those runners who don’t take it

The organization of the race informs that to take part in a race without bib number not only is forbidden but it also causes a great prejudice to the runners who have correctly registered, and for this reason there will be controllers in the start and finish line and during the whole race to avoid this practice that damages all.

Why is not suitable running without bib number?

1 – The infrastructure of the race absorbs the number of runners for that it has been planned (12.500 for the Mitja Marató de Barcelona) and all the services have been calculated for this prearranged limit.

2 – To run without bib number implies using a closed circuit and occupying a not foreseen space by the organization. The sum of many runners without bib number causes a collapse in the race with the risks and inconveniences that supposes for the persons who have paid the inscription and want to enjoy the right that the same one gives them.

3 – When a runner without bib number uses the water station points, he is probably leaving without drink those who come behind and have paid this service with the bib number.

4 – To run without bib number also generates an important problem of safety because the runners who don’t have it are not identified by the organization, which could represent a problem in case this runner suffers any accident.

What will the organization do to control the runners without bib number?

1 – Those runners without bib number or not taking it correctly visibly will not be allowed to go to the start and finish line zone (the compulsory place is the front side of the t-shirt).

2 – During the race, there will be controllers of bib number, properly identified, who will inform those runners who don’t take it that they must leave the circuit.