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Mitja Marató Barcelona 2011

Recommendations for the Mitja Marató de Barcelona

- The organization of the Mitja Marató de Barcelona wants to help you to live a unique experience

This way, we propose you several advices to take into account before and during the race in order to help you to live the Mitja Marató de Barcelona without misadventures that could be avoided previously.


It is necessary to moisturize the body drinking a glass of water after waking up. During the competition, it is necessary to drink in every water station point that the organization puts at your disposal even though you are not thirsty, a constant moisturizing is very important for the musculature. It is important to drink water and isotonic drinks that help us to recover better during the effort and just at the end of the race, it is important to drink a lot.


Provided that it has been previously tested in a training session or in a competition, it is necessary to eat two or three hours before carbohydrates and also to drink. During the race you can take some type of supplement, the most recommended is jelly, always combined with liquid.


It is important to make a good warm up of approximately 30 minutes including all the structures. Warm up must include a global work of race in a soft pace, finishing with some changes of soft pace.


After the warm up session you can make some series of ballistic stretching of very low intensity (light rebounds) to warm up, to give elasticity and to oxygen analytically the lower extremities.

Material and bib number

Don't use for the first time sports shoes or sports material the same day of the race. Once you have taken your bib number, remember that it is very important that you complete the information requested in the back side of the bib number. The information that you will put will be very useful in case that some problem arises during the race, as it will facilitate and improve the tasks to the organization.

Public transport

Use public transport to come to the starting line, remember that Rodalies de Catalunya works with Mitja Marató de Barcelona, giving a free back and forth ticket to any metro station in Barcelona, to every runner who want it.

Some information has been provided by the company Fisiovallès, specialized in sports physiotherapy, which will be the company in charge of putting at the disposal of the runners of the Mitja Marató de Barcelona a service of muscular recovery and physiotherapy consultancy .