11 février 2024


Where: Pujades Promenade, close to the Ciutadella Park

Date: February 19, 2023 Schedule: 8:30am

What makes so special the Mitja course?

The eDreams Mitja Marató Barcelona course according to the runners who have participated, one of the most complete on the international scene and has been designed with the intention of combining speed and an experience that only the city of Barcelona can offer you with every stride.

An entirely urban circuit that runs through the heart and along the coast of a cosmopolitan, open, Mediterranean and active city. The cultural and gastronomic legacy that characterises the city, together with a dedicated public, will force you to raise your head if you don't want to miss a single detail of one of the most special cities in the world, Barcelona.

The Mitja has 30 pacemakers to help you achieve your goal based on 10 different paces: 1:15, 1:20, 1:25, 1:30, 1:35, 1:40, 1:45, 1:50, 1:55 and 2h.


The urban circuit of the race showcases some of the city's most important tourist attractions. Check it out!

A fast and monumental Half Marathon

These are some of the most emblematic places that you can see from the road.